July 21, 2014

Reports show that the Carlton Complex Fire, the largest fire in Washington State's history, has destroyed more than 150 homes. An estimated 500 plus people have been evacuated from outlying areas including Malott and Brewster in Eastern Washington. The fire has consumed more than 400 square miles while more than 2,200 firefighters and volunteers continue to fight the blaze. As of today, it is reported that yesterday's cooler temperatures coupled with hail and rain contributed to getting the fire 52% contained. Welcome news for residents and people fighting the fire despite the flash flood warning from yesterday's storm.

HDI employee Christine Alderson quickly took action when she found out that her husband's work place was designated as a donation site for supplies for those affected by the fire that started more than a week ago. Christine put together an order on her personal account and then went to HDI owner, Ken Marble to ask if the company could help those devastated by the fire. Ken and Christine contacted the HDI buying staff to put together needed supplies for those who have lost or been displaced from their homes. An order of over $650 of products including flashlights, batteries, coolers, camp stoves, shovels, and other needed supplies was ready immediately to go to the area. Christine and her husband delivered the supplies to the donation site for delivery to the shelters in the affected areas. If you are interested in donating supplies please contact Christine at 509-853-1686.


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